Winter On The Balcony

Picture 034

I don’t even want to think about any more snow! I had forgotten that while my computer was in repair, I had snapped a few pictures around home.

These winter pictures are from two separate late winter storms – it seemed liked we couldn’t go a week without a melt and then another storm.

The top picture is of snow ribbons on the balcony, which would have been pretty at Christmas time, but not as we were impatiently waiting Spring in the Cleveland area.

Picture 036

The second and third picture was from a storm that was supposed to be 2-4″, and ha!ha! joke was on us!  When I went to bed that evening, that was true. When I got up the next morning, I could not believe the balcony was filled to the rail!

Picture 035

We have a chance of snow this coming Tuesday.  I guess I should drag the chair back off the balcony!