Studio Notebook: Reworking “Crossing The Line”


The afternoon I took this photograph was very gray and overcast.  But, if you remember, it was also a day I left work early, drove home to grab my camera, and set off to Hinckley Reservation.  Once there, I was determined to take pictures.  I really like everything about the image except the color.

Crossing The Line

I made several attempts with processing, but just couldn’t really get it.


Still not what I am after, but the original is very color bleached, so even this version has more color.  I could very easily go back and rephotograph this spot, but it’s not very likely the duck will be there.  And that is my favorite part of the image – the duck. Hence ~

The Duck



The Sun Stood Still


I recently began following the blog, A River Walk.  A few days ago the Bible quote was from Joshua 10:13.  In part ~

 . . . the sun stood still and the moon stayed in place . . . “

When I was photographing this image late in the afternoon, I was struck by the light on the yellow flower. While I was working with it in Lightroom, I was struck by the color of the flower center on the vase, and with the two lining up, that particular verse popped into my head. Yep, there’s an inspiration coming!